Vi är stolta att presentera årets handlingdomare på Ungdoms SM 2016 –
Edgar Andersen Stanton!


Interview, in English:
Edgar is 24 years old, born in Reykjavik Iceland and now living in Tyresö Sweden.

Breeds at home and previously owned breeds?
Been around with Icelandic Sheepdogs since the day I was born as my mother breeds them, under the prefix Stefsstetells and now I’m looking after Paul and Torbjörns Thai Bangkaews. I’m very fond of the Spitz breeds.

For how long have you been interested in dogs and handling, and how did you come in contact with it?
I have always been interested in dogs, growing up in a real dog family and going to dog shows since very young age. I competed only once in junior handling and that was at age 10 with mom’s Icelandic Sheedpog female ” Aska”. Growing up I spend most of my time with the dogs and dancing as I trained ballroom dancing from age 9 to 17. When I think about it today I wish I would have given junior handling more time. Over the years I have been very lucky to have the chance to travel to dog shows in Europe, Canada and Thailand which has given me a great inside into the dog show scene.

What is your greatest handling memory?
My absolut greatest memory is when I won Best In Show with my own Icelandic Sheedpdog girl ” BIS BISS ISCH Eir fra Keldnakoti”  10’th of June/ 2010. That show changed everything for me. Paul Stanton judged the breed, group and finally BIS. After the show he and mom spoke a little on fb and then I got in touch with him and we just talked and talked and here I am now in Tyresö Sweden. Life sure is full of surprises!

Another great memory is when I won Best of Opposite at the Rhodesian Ridgeback national specialty in Canada last summer with an amazing female ”Askher”. At the Icelandic KC last Int. Show I won BIS with mom’s 2 years old Icelandic Sheepdog ”ISCH Stefsstells Kolmars Kromi”, such a great show dog and mover and that was only his fifth dog show.

What knowledges a good handler for you?
A good handler for me puts the dog into the main foucs and brings the best out of the dog with natural handling. Knows how react when facing challenges in the show ring.

Any final words to your competitors before the big day?
Well first and foremost I want my competitors to have a great time and enjoy themself with the dog they will be showing. I like to see the dogs to be shown as natural as possible and at  the breed sepcific speed.

We will have a great day and I’m really looking forward.



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